Business coaching for solopreneurs:

More effective. Less stress. Faster growth.

Focused Business Coaching is for those who know they have the potential to create more – and that with the right help, they can reach their goals sooner.
Let Focused Business Coaching help you fast-track your success. Learn more…

Business Coaching Can Help You…

  • Get clear about priorities
  • Be more effective with your time
  • Be accountable with your goals
  • Pursue opportunities that will take your business to the next level
  • Fast-track your growth & success
  • Stay inspired and well so you don’t burnout

Make your success a priority:

  • Clear out the clutter so you can focus
  • Deliver on projects that matter most
  • Create systems that free your time
  • Know your value, and get paid for it
  • Manage your income + overhead wisely
  • Care for yourself, because you are your business and your business runs best when you, your mind, and your health are at their best
  • “In just a month, I have already noticed improvement in how I am approaching my business -- better scheduling procedures, streamlined client intake process, planning that actually works. As a creative with a type A personality, I have LOTS of information swirling around in my head and somehow Geraldine manages to distill the chaos in my brain and bring order to it without a trace of judgment! I highly recommend her!”

    Julie Rea
    Julie Rea Julie Rea Design

Be More Effective With Your Time

With so many things pulling at our attention, it can be a challenge to focus on what’s most important – and get it done. ​This class can help you learn how to make the time you spend work for you.