Focused Business Coaching is for change-makers who are determined to maximize impact with clearer planning and priorities.
For pioneers ready to take their conscious company to the next level. For all those ready to minimize unnecessary stress in their lives and build sustainable solutions to daunting problems.

I help early-stage business owners:

  • Clarify priorities and build road maps to success.
  • Dial in priorities for a better work-life balance.
  • Develop strategies to stay focused and efficient through distraction and overwhelm.
  • Foster emotionally intelligent leaders and resilient employees.
  • Approach financial planning with confidence and tackle money with empowering strategies and mindsets.
  • Scale revenue and impact with less stress.

Make your success a priority:

  • Clear out the clutter so you can focus.
  • Deliver on projects that matter most.
  • Create systems that free your time.
  • Know your value, and get paid for it.
  • Manage your income + overhead wisely.
  • Care for yourself, because you are your business and your business runs best when you, your mind, and your health are at their best.
  • "I had been holding myself back from adding an exciting new angle to my podcast - my thoughts about it bounced around in my head, disjointed and disconnected. Geraldine was able to hear it all and connect this new direction back to my original purpose - and help me see how it fits right in with my current business while still serving my larger purpose. Stay tuned for inspiring new podcast interviews!"

    Carol Cox
    Carol Cox Speaking Your Brand

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