I offer workshops and trainings that improve productivity, resilience, and emotional intelligence.

My talks inspire audiences and leave them with viable, actionable strategies for change. Topics I speak on range from presenteeism (mental disengagement despite physical presence at work) and stress reduction to leadership building and channelling boomer and millennial-specific talents. All talks can be custom tailored to your unique needs- check out the options below.

#1 Effective Time Management

This talk helps entrepreneurs and business owners develop strategies to stay focused and efficient through stress and distraction. I share the latest research offering evidence that multi-tasking makes us prone to mistakes and inefficiency, and share methods such as blocking time, prioritizing tasks, and reducing noise. Improving your time management in the workplace will result in unfragmented attention, increased productivity, and space for greater creativity.

#2 Proactive Resilience for Thriving Business

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. I challenge listeners to budget time for self-care and balance- doing so pays dividends in the long run by preventing exhaustion, absenteeism, and presenteeism, which cost US companies more than $50 billion per year.

#3 Reduce Busyness and is Achieve More

Working more isn’t always better, contrary to popular workplace culture. Research shows that downtime is vitally important to creativity, energy, and happiness. This talk will inspire you to allow time for rest in order to recharge mentally and achieve greater success in business and life.

#4 Channel Your Generation-Specific Talent

Large generational differences between baby boomers and millennials can create challenges, but they could also be your greatest asset. While the older generation is disciplined, focused, and structured, millennials are creative, idealistic, and expressive. This talk focuses on how best to foster collaboration between the two and channel those generational talents. Geraldine shares techniques for helping the younger generation build confidence, learn patience, and find balance between life and technology. What results will be a diverse, powerful workforce situated for success.

#5 Fostering Emotionally Intelligent Leaders

Prepare your most promising employees for leadership roles with this talk on emotional intelligence, which research shows is vital for those transitioning to managing more people and more responsibility. Geraldine shares tangible tools and training for emerging leaders so they can make seamless transitions to new roles and help their teams succeed.

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