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Geraldine speaks on topics that change how people in business work. Her talks serve to both inspire audiences, as well as leave them with viable, actionable strategies for change.

If you want to increase and improve effectiveness, resilience, and emotional intelligence and reduce inefficiencies, presenteeism, and stress check out these options available to you.

If you find you’re getting to Friday and wondering where the week went, consider…

#1 Be More Effective with Your Time

This training is perfect for business owners and entrepreneurs — anyone who wears many hats at once and is challenged to stay on track and focused. With technology buzzing at us and the endless slew of “notifications”, our attention can become fragmented.

With the latest research offering convincing evidence that multi-tasking makes us more prone to mistakes and actually takes longer, we must relearn and return to ways of blocking time, focusing on what is most important, reducing noise, and serial mono-tasking, so that we can allow space for focusing on doing great work.

If you find you’re depleted, stressed, or burned out before beginning to make changes, consider…

#2 Getting Above the Zero: Shift from Recovering to Proactive Resilience

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Once staff have arrived here, they are often disengaged from work. Absenteeism, and now, presenteeism, are costing US companies more $50 billion dollars per year.

It is great to bounce back, but it is better to not have to recover from the depths in the first place. In a conversation that will challenge and inspire listeners, we will discuss how to begin to turn the ship of self-care and a balance life back from being pointed toward exhaustion, to thriving once again.

If you find you’re working all the time, but not really getting that much done, consider…

#3 Over-busy is Under-effective

Current culture supports the idea that more is more. We are coming to realize that downtime is not only necessary – it is required in order to be at our best. Too much over-busy drains our energy tanks and does not allow for proper refuelling.

This short inspiring talk will guide you on a path of busy-reduction, where less actually is more. More energy, more creative, more engaged, and happier.

If you find that the generation gap is causing friction among employees, consider…

#4 Self-awareness for Your Millennials… and Your Boomers

These two generations couldn’t be more different. One is a disciplined, focused, and structured, the other creative, idealistic, expressive. These differences create challenges – but they could also be your biggest asset.

Help the younger generation build confidence based on success, help them learn patience and social skills for the workplace, and find a better balance between life and technology, and you will help this powerful generation thrive in your workplace.

If you need help making leaders out of your highest performing employees, consider…

#5 “I’ll take Emotional Intelligence for $100, Alex”

Prepare your high-potential leaders for bigger roles. Your best performers are promoted based on their excellence at work – surely they can make a smooth transition to managing more people and more responsibility. Right?

What research finds is that it is the combination of performance + emotional intelligence that makes great leaders. However, not everyone is born with the emotional intelligence is takes to make your team succeed.

Lucky for all of us, it is a set of skills that can be taught, and this set of skills can be learned. Support your emerging leaders to thrive with the tangible tools delivered in this powerful training.

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