About Me

About Focused Business Coaching

Focused Business Coaching empowers mission-driven entrepreneurs and innovators to realize their full potential through clarity and focus. Through coaching I help business leaders generate robust growth in their companies and make powerful impacts in their communities with a potent combination of introspection, planning, and commitment. I work with visionary leaders to build step-by-step roadmaps to sustainable success and offer strategies for staying on track. I advise socially and environmentally responsible leaders on how to scale their companies for bigger impacts and aligned growth. With my guidance on maximizing time and opportunities, planning effectively, and balancing professional and personal lives, my clients live more fulfilling lives by doing more good while making more money.

About Geraldine

From co-founding Climate Ride in 2008 and scaling the socially-conscious company to a seven-figure budget, to biking alone across southeast Asia, to coaching entrepreneurs on how to achieve their own lofty goals, Geraldine loves finding practical, efficient solutions to complex challenges. After directly experiencing the value of outside perspective and mentorship, Geraldine began sharing her 10+ years of business experience and mindfulness training through coaching. An ICF accredited Associate Certified Coach, Geraldine takes pride in challenging herself and her clients to reach higher and find bolder ways forward.

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