Be More Effective With Your Time

Figure out what’s important right now so you can stop being spread thin and start having the energy and happiness you want. Are you…

Tired of feeling like there’s never enough?

Pulled in 20 (or 1000) directions? We’ll dig into the “lack of time” mindset, find out what’s keeping you on the hamster wheel of hurry-hurry-hurry, so that you can stop stretching until you’re on the verge of snapping (or sometime do, at your kids, partner, ____) and start being in the driver’s seat of time.

Putting everything else first, and yourself last?

Lucky for you, selfish is the new black!  Explore the Real and Perceived Benefits of putting others first and yourself last – and then explore the costs. This old habit will drop like a lead balloon. Self-care is where it’s at!

Stuck being a people-pleaser?

Trying to keep others happy will leave you feeling inadequate, overwhelmed, and stressed. In this class you’ll see how: 1) Other people’s happiness isn’t your purview. 2) You’re not that powerful, anyway. (Sorry to break it to you!)  3) Explore your values, so you can make choices that line up with what’s most important to you. That’s where happiness starts.

That’s so perfect! I have just the thing for you! (Funny how that works, right?)

In this eye-opening and B$-busting workshop, you will:

  • Become aware of the unconscious choices you make, and the hidden beliefs you
  • Hold around the “lack of time”
  • Understand how those beliefs drive feelings like being overwhelmed, rushed, and
  • Frustrated, because there’s “never enough”
  • Learn to make conscious choices about your time
  • Be able to stick to your (water) guns when life throws curve balls
  • Make choices that line up with what you value you most
  • Find energy, clarity, and motivation so you can live the life you desire

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Need a little more to entice you? We’ll also work on:

Strengthening your Boundaries.

If you say ‘yes’ to everything, there’s little room left for saying ‘YES’ to yourself. Explore the pull of saying yes (obligation, fear of disappointing others, etc) so that you can see these habits for what they are, and learn to say ‘No’ gracefully. Having healthy boundaries contributes to your freedom, by saying ‘Yes’ to what matters to you.

Sticking to Your (Water) Guns.

Life’s gonna happen. The unexpected will land on your plate. How to stay motivated and on track when when life has headed off (or gone off!) the rails.


It’s true – ya only got 24 hours each day. (Cool it smarty pants who are saying, actually, it’s really only 23:56.) Anyways, you get to pick what you do with those 24 hours. How to pare down, see more clearly what slows you down, prioritize, and make clear choices.

Tired of wanting it all and feeling like it’s still never enough?

It’s time! Time to learn how to do it all differently. Stop being rushed. Start being present. And remember, as are all my classes… **recommended only for those ready to pull up their big-girl knickers. Are you ready?

Nuts & Bolts

One night a week for 4 weeks in Missoula – next class dates TBD

  • Each class is 1 1/2 hours.
  • The course is $125 — Register for $99 with the coupon code ‘earlybird’!
  • Want to be kept posted when dates are announced, or want more info? Click “I’m interested” and I will let you know when dates are published.
  • Class size limited to 20. Register before it fills!
  • Money-back guarantee on all my classes, no questions asked. You have nothing to lose except your dramas and whatever’s in your way.
  • Really brought to light what time issues were slowing me down, how to identify these issues before they happen and what to do if and when they happen! Great class!

    Jay D.

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